The story begins

            YHA, or base camp                                    "Adam, get out of that hole…"      "Can I pour this milk over mummy ?"            Cute? Moi ?           


 Henpecked man in handbag shock       Planning for the beach assault……            .. then dressing for the occasion            Does my bum look cold in this ?



         My mum, the bank robber    That’s an improvement, Leo                                      !                                                         Cute pose #2


           Keep up Jane !                                  "Now, where did you bury mummy’s keys ?          "Why is Avril punching Robert ?       "Just nip back and get me some more underwear !"


              The cruel sea                                                    Recycling the stones                                Lora not photographing Linda                    That’ll be a wave, then


   "Wait there Hannah, I’ll get my camera"            Dianne hunts for her bumwarmer            "This sand isn’t Donnay !"                                  "Cold ? Moi ??"


    In the dictionary, Windswept – see Jackie                  Cute pose #3 (Can she keep it up ?)                   "I see no ships"            Leo goes to wash his boots as Keri poses


  Spot the non-Donnay item (Cute pose #4)                But it was sunny                Dianne phones Robert, who has gone back for her bum warmer       "Ignore him, he’ll go away"




The saga continues >>