Part 2

     Ed and Leo scale the pier                        "Can we trade Adam for this one ?       "Cute pose #5 (Is there no end to this ?)   Michael goes for ‘cool’ rather than ‘frozen’


  No Hannah, we can still hear you           Jane smiles, not knowing that Ed will get that lolly jammed in        Ben, about to lose some lolly…             ….. but successfully keeps it


    Lora sticks her finger up Joe’s nose                     That *$%&%* fish                                     "Let’s check out the poo" (Leo)               "No, I want to go there NOW !"


                     Joe in focus                                                     Linda in Donnay                                 Michael in autopose                     Jackie and friend watch Charles


               Which one is Ben ?                           Watching the fish, waiting for Avril        Ben in the new Mercedes submarine                   Hannah in bedroom


      Guess what Dianne is headed for ?              And overnight this happens         At least the kids could amuse themselves in the warm


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