Blackboys 2003

The place

Avril - "Charles, you did leave the handbrake on, didin't you ?"             Stalagluft 17, East Sussex

After the usual bedroom farce, the early arrivals set to planning the agenda for the weekend. 

Avril - "Is it me, or is it cold in here ?"   Linda - "Bog off Charles, this is woman's work"  Linda wonders why Diane has an extinguisher growing out of her side

Next day, early (-ish) we set off for "a short walk".

Jackie - "Let's go this way, it doesn't look far"  Lora volunteers to lead the way  Linda closes the windows prior to setting off

    After hours of hard slog, the navigators check our bearings while Lora and Hannah listen to Eminem.

Avril - "Oooh, a view !"  Ginger twins joined at the ears  Jackie - "According to the map, we're either halfway to the woods, or just outside Edinburgh"

Claudia has a fit (stylishly), while the walk continues.

 Hannah - "OK, who brought the chimp ?"  Leo explains life, the universe and everything  Still listening to Eminem

Much posing takes place while we have another "where the hell are we" stop.

Diane - "Will anyone notice that I'm eating boiled sweets ?"  Linda and Avril discuss walking shoes while Adam pokes ants  Robert - "No Jackie, this is a map of Ireland !"

Finally, we reach the woodland tea shop for a well-earned rest and cake.

Inspector Charles - "I've called you all here to name the murderer"  Adam - "Sorry Claudia, but the music has stopped and you're out !"


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