Blackboys 2003

Eventually, after more map reading, we arrive "home" and Joe holds court.

Joe turns the signpost round to fool German parachutists  Joe - "Of course, when I was a boy we used to walk twice as far"

In the afternoon, some idiot suggests going for a walk on Beachyhead, where we find a big compass....

Leo - "So, which direction is north ?"  It's a long way down  Joe tells Avril where to go

and lots of scenery.

Linda and Claudia look for shops  Lora - "I know, let's pose"  Picturesque, innit ?

When we get back to the camp, we find the late arrivals, who have been off wearing down the legs on their dog.

Alan (defensively) - "It was only a quick 18 miles !"  "I was a Great Dane when they first got me"

After a quick melon ball breakfast, some hardy souls take the dog for a drag and find llamas.

Linda - "Melon balls, anyone ?"  Charles - "I think it's this way"   "What strange shaped humans"

Evade the llamas, past the cows and around by the horses.....

Jane - "I could soon wear the legs down on that !"  Marie - "Is that how big your dog was before the bike ride ?"

into the sheep-filled fields, where Jackie HAS to use a cellphone.

Avril takes over the map reading, as the signpost says Blackpool 2 miles  Jackie - "Put the chicken in at 4 o'clock Keri, and make sure it's dead first"  Marie - "Only another 4 miles to go, girl"


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