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Ludamus Theatre Company

The Block and The Wire


8th - 10th July 2004 at the Stantonbury Campus Theatre saw
the production of 'Pirates', the story of men (and women) in a boat.


The 14th - 16th July 2005 production of Zombies : The Musical

Zombies DVD

Details of the DVD of Zombies : The Musical

Rise of the Empire DVD

Details of the next Star Wars movie


Intricate, Intimate, Inexplicable.Paperfish productions

Intricate, Intimate, Inexplicable.

 On February 27th & 28th 2004, the Paperfish ensemble presented "An evening with Dave The Golem and friends" at MADCAP, Wolverton,

hosted by His Eminence, Knackers The Squirrel. Here follow a few pictures which, hopefully, capture the feel of the production.

Dave the Golem   Juki & The Giant

The Death of Epsilon Indi B  "not long before waking"


Thespian Ranch

On January 10th & 11th 2005, Thespian Ranch presented

their first production "Cult (working title)" at the Stantonbury Theatre.

Cult (working title)


If you require copies of any pictures used herein, please contact Scpjo, who will forward your request.


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