Hither Green School


Class of '66



  Where you in the Class of 1966 ? Did you leave then to go on to the big school,  and finally start to wear long trousers ?

Is your name on this list, or do you have more names that should be on this list ? If so, let Robin know.

Name Then Now Name Then Now
Dennis Leek 2, Beacon Road Orpington Martin Jeffreys 199, Hither Green Lane  
Shirley Leek 87, Davenport Road Deceased Elizabeth Ponman 64, George Lane  
Tommy Merriner 73a Springbank Road   Jimmy Wardell 46, Davenport Road  
Kevin Olley (Ollie beak) 31, Brightside Road   Margaret Smith 16, Fordyce Road  
Raymond Poll 22, Stainton Road   Paul Larking 136, George Lane  
Uwe Ernst 4, Stainton Road   Graham Hambly 16, Theodore Road  
Clive Morris 237, Hither Green Lane   Colin DeSouza 18, Ennersdale Road  
Barbara Joy 101, Farley Road   Susan Hillier 11, Elthruda Road New Zealand
Alistair Smith 38, Beacon Road   Keith Thompson 140, George Lane  
Christopher Webb (topher) 138, George Lane   Robin Edmonds (eddy) 150, Courthill Road Milton Keynes
Diane Shepperd 18, Benden House   Paul Dawtry ?  
Alan & Michael Reynolds 2, Campshill Road        
Linda Bird 11, Benden House   Other names Can anyone confirm these ?  
Linda Neville 20, Romborough House   David Cummings    
Gaston McKenzie 45, Davenport Road Jamaica Malcolm Legg    
Denise Bird 11, Benden House   Ian Saddler    
Linda Hollis 6, Springrice Road   Jacqueline Castle    
David Garrett 14, Kemphill House   Wendy Joy    
Gerald Sheedy (sheepy) 31, Beacon Road   Joseph Lombardi    
Daphne May 4a Mallett Road   Martin Fuller    
Ian Keay 17, Littlewood   Michael Clark    
Paul Jarman (pyjamas) 117a, Springbank Road   Theresa Clark    
Virginia Manning 110, Nightingale Grove   Mark Rootsey    
Peter Medcraft 94k, (?) Hither Green Lane   Colin Squires    
Michael Jarman 77a, Manor Park        
Linda Batt 215, Springbank Road        
Jimmy Arbuckle 24, South Field House        

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