Hither Green School


The school from the rear corner, what would have been the back of the Catford Boys playground in the early 60's. Right of picture is the car park, which covers the back of the old infants playground.

 July 8th 2005

The school from the side, showing the new structure over the rear of the building. This covers the whole of the 'Catford Boys' half of the building. The blue wall is the gated exit from the playground. Entry into the school is via the top gate, then in between the old and new structures to a reception.



 The joining wall between the infants and secondary playgrounds has been removed, just a stub remains where the stairs up to the secondary school entrance was. The blue doors centre of picture are the old entrance to the infants school where the milk used to be stored. The building on the left is the new nursery school, which covers the old main entrance door.

 The old school hall, now the library and old boys refreshment area.. The wall on the left is 'new', it is a literacy centre. The door by the clock would be my classroom, ruled by Mrs Parry. (note - I know that anyone else reading this will be able to say that they also used that room, but this is my page !).


Old boys and girls peer out of the 'forbidden' top floor windows, looking out over the new multi sports arena. All the original windows ! I never went up there when at the school, only getting past the sentries when I made a sentimental journey in 1989.

My thanks to Lorraine and all the staff and friends of Hither Green who made the day special for the oldies that attended, especially on the catering side. I wish that I could have stayed longer to reminisce.




The top of the new structure, looking from the old school building out towards the Catford Boys playground. A multi sports arena, the rooftop swimming pool was narrowly vetoed.


Another 'new' structure. This decked area covers the ground floor extension to the building that covers the old junior school gate area, providing more classrooms. For clarity, the old school gate is roughly under the umbrella in the foreground, looking towards the dinner hall, which has gone to be replaced by an entrance road to the car park. The child on the play equipment was borrowed specially for the photo. I didn't get her name.

The display organised by Lorraine that had photos and emails collected from ex-pupils, which will (hopefully) be printed up and made available to purchase.


I'm the one on the far right (not in the dress !)

Clive's photo of the school prize giving, with the Lady Mayoress handing out prizes. Mr Lee is in the centre of the photograph, Mrs Parry back right, ready to slap any legs that need it !