Trunk Test, 3rd Floor SE Block, Faraday


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Trunk Test Staff List

This list is compiled from the posts on the Faraday Memories forum.


Name Whereabouts Name Whereabouts
Roger Green   Mick Gardner  
Terry Golding   Martin Hance  
Len Rutherford   Andy Taylor  
Dave Perkins   Martin Smith  
Mike Noakes   Ken Taylor  
Greg Willmott   Dickie Arnold  
Brian Marchant   Sid Stovell  
Derrick Potter   Ron Tuck  
Ray Webster   Bernie Smith  
Rodney Ford   Ray Brind  
Carlo Micaleff   Colin Peters  
Chris Brown   Charlie Stevenson  
Ashley Thomsett   Terry Delaney  
Dan Connell   Bill Gee  
Pete Traveller   Gary Crosby  
Tony Hawkes   Gary Allen  
Jamie Scott   Phil Dunks  
John Kaffenberger   Ron Partridge  
Lee Hunt   Roberto Mancini  
Len Johnson   Dennis Cootes  
Ian Willey   Bobby Staggs  
Arjit Dhillan   Jamie Scott  
Horace Shelsher   Ian Buswell  
Dick Warlow   Jon McGinn  
Steve Cordwell   Ronnie Dunks  
Cyril Tingley   Mick Daniels  
Ted Huntington   Mick O'Donnell  
Jimmie Barrett   Sid Leiter  
Mick Trott   Rom Cumberbatch  
Ray 'Junkie' Jennings (?)   John Smith  
Mike Squires   Lloyd Nestor  
Ron Williams   Tony Burchill  

Tom Bland

  Tony Catteau  
Tom Delahunt   Arthur Gee  
James Holland   Ernie Hare  
Bob Hunter   Ted Keefe  
Alf O'Reilly Ginger Oliver
Ron Richards   Ray Sullivan  
Ted Sage   Charlie Smith  
Roy Spurrell   Dave Watkins  
Dixie Dean   Ron Masters  
Des Sheppard   Al Hughes (how could I forget)  
Barry Edwards   Les Kerslake  
Nick Vass   Dave Lee  
Geffen Davis   Malcolm Newman  
Brian Carter   Fred Archer  
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