Trunk Test, 3rd Floor SE Block, Faraday


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Trunk Test

While never working on Trunk Test, I seemed to spend a lot of time down there. Normally annoying Dan Connell (swing low, sweet chariot). This was the main location for slightly rude films, anything knock-off and football referees. And, of course, the vast bulk of City F.C. when it was first formed.

The Staff

Donated by Dave Perkins, who left them to me in his will, the following photographs show the working environment of Trunk Test, while the last two show a bright spot in the normal working day. I think that I'm lying on the floor in those two, can't understand why. I have the unedited copies if anyone is interested ?

Memories of Trunk Test :

The film club

Disco nights at Sinatras in Croydon.

 City FC.

Getting a feed for the radios to take up to 4th floor, which then got cabled onto outlet 21 as the busy tone.

From Dave Lee :

  • Friday lunch sessions in the Bell (Didn't everyone do this at some point ?)

  • Sid Stovall sharing out the evening o/t "want 3 hours tonight, boy ?"

  • Cyril Tingley's glass eye

  • Rodney Ford and his pools round on a Friday morning

  • The rota

  • Mick Noakes and the book & film club

  • Radio 1 patched to just about everywhere in the building

  • But, best of all, the ongoing humour and practical jokes that kept us all sane. Like the day Greg & Mick soldered the lid on Fred Archer's tobacco tin. When Fred finally got the lid off, it was stuffed with cardboard and not his tobacco - the air was blue !



This photo, sent in by Derek Allison, is of trunk test during the 60's. Obviously, it was taken just after a shout of 'Kent boys away !'








Please email me with any names for people shown, especially in the last two photos.

Why is Ken standing in a hole ?

Ben Turner, Ken Taylor, Laurie Williams                

Terry Golding

                       Terry Golding

Please do not scroll down if you are easily shocked









Some names : Bob Bonfield, Pete Norey, Martin Hance (looking at her arse). Who is the only bloke NOT looking at her ??

Tony Hawkes ! And Rom will eventually email me the other names, once him and Shaun get their fingers out. (subtle hint)

I never thought that I would say this, but I am indebted to Al Hughes & Greg Willmott for the following shots, some of which look they were taken through Al Gatter's glasses.

Barry Edwards & Al Gatter with unnamed skirt                                                                                      

Al Gatter                                                                    Al Gatter & frightened children                                


Al Gatter & Bob Skopila that I recognise.                                                             Al's in this one as well, camera hog.

                               Al Hughes, Barry Edwards, ?, ?                             I have no idea, and I don't want to know. It's just plain wrong.

?, Mick Noakes, ? Greg Willmott, Ashley Thomsett                                 ?, Al Budgen                                     
Martin Hance & Al Hughes with adoring fans (is that Ray Russo at the back ?)      Spot the loony time. And Bob                
Totally scary spice.                              Al Budgen.
Fred Grant.                                                          Assorted nutters.
Al Someone and Al Hughes.                                                            Why ?                  
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