Toll B, 4th Floor SE Block, Faraday


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Peter Fallowfield-Cooper models the 50's dustcoat


Toll B

Toll B Tandem exchange, serving exchanges within 30 miles of London routing into London. Next door to the home to The Loon , and somewhere he spent a lot of time. When he might have been working. Sometimes playing Dungeons & Dragons at lunchtime.

The Staff

A staff list will appear here later, see the forum.

Check The Beaven Files for Bob's pictures from the past.

Memories of Toll B :

The parrot club

Xmas meals at the Austrian restaurant (oh, the singing)

Simmo's Xmas party

Fred Good and others Bob Beaven, Sammy Wilson facing front, Barrie Everest &  Ernie Brown facing away.

And these pictures, found in by archaeologists on a dig inside Barrie Everest's wallet...

                   Barrie Everest, ? & Dennis Callingham                                  Fred Good, probably fixing the coffee machine

                  Frank Garnett                                  Jim Greenwood, Fred Good, Charlie Attwood (TollA), Ron Britten (TollA)

                                                              Dave Brown (TollA), a bit of Barrie Everest, Cyril Thompson (TollA) & Sid Thompson in front.

Syd Martin, Sammy Wilson, Barrie Everest, Sid Thompson,            Paul Doye, Sammy Wilson & ?

 Dennis Callingham & ? with a couple of operators                                                                    

           Sammy Wilson & ?                                   Sammy Wilson,. Dennis Callingham & Barrie Everest outside the Bell

            Bob Beaven, Rudi Agostini & Terry Sullivan                 Bob Beaven, Ian Robertson, Mick Wilson, Dennis Callingham

George Handscombe, Fred McLennan, John LeMasurier, Jim Abercrombie     



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