Bob Beaven's Photo Scrapbook


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The Beaven Files

My thanks to Bob Beaven who dug out these photos of various bits from the '50's when he were a mere lad.

LD Youth Team 1955/6

Bill Allen, Denis Marsden, Mick Sherren, Peter Brown, Alec Curtis, Arthur Holners     J Carter, D Warren, K Sivyer, R Williams, P Penfold, T White      

Kenny Taylor, Bob Beaven, Geordie Rae, Cyril Heasman, Dennis Coles                      Lynch, D Curry, B Avis, J Bullen, T Eavis                   

c. 1953

                           Tom Eavis, ?, ?, ?, Derek Page, ?                          Ken Wix, Dennis Whiting, ? George, Ken Franklin, Fred Charlwood, Les Hewitt

          ?, Peter Barter, Less Duff, ? Roberts, Gordon Marles, ?                 Alan Childs, Peter Gale, Ronnie Lord, Jim Holwood, Ronnie Dewell

                    Roger Reader (Citadel), ? Lonergan 

Terry Harper, George Howe, Kenny Taylor                                          Gordon Hornsby, Ken Sivyer, Brian Briggs

Jimmy Bollen, Jim Vyner, ?, Bob Beaven, ?, Eddie Wakefield, ?, ?, ?, ?, Jim Foley, ?, Pete Smith, ?, ?

L-R - Jim Homewood, Bill Allen, Bob Beaven, Peter Gale, Ronnie Dewell, Denis Marsden, Les Hewitt, Ronnie Lord, Arthur Boulton, Fred Charlwood, Cyril Heasman, Denis Whiting, Geordie Rae, Pat Hastings, Kenny Taylor, Ken Franklin, ? George, Dennis Coles, Alan Childs, Alic Curtis, John Smith, Vic Ribbons, Arthur Holness, Alec Yirrell, Ken Wix, Mick Sherren, Peter Brown

September 24, 1952

Cyril Heasman, Charlie Webb, Mick Sherren, Jim Homewood, Peter Gale, Bob Beaven

Robbie Roberts, Ken Dummer, Dave Watkins, Dickie Deller, Bill Brooks


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