Toll A, 4th Floor SE Block, Faraday


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Toll A Staff List

Toll A Tandem exchange. This list is compiled from the posts on the Faraday Memories forum.


Name Whereabouts Name Whereabouts
Jim Phillips   Len Hawkins  
Tony Leonard   Ron Britten  
Fred Sapsford   Cyril Thompson  
Bill Foster   Dave Pinney  
Peter Norey   Brian Green  
Ivan Best   Tony Mottram  
Alan McLean   Ian McGill  
Dave Edwards   Bob Farrell  
Robin Edmonds Milton Keynes Roger Mentz  
Eric Briffa   Terry Tame  
Reg Didier   Alan York  
Bill King   Chris Scammell  
Pat Digby   Kevin Rollings  
Charlie Abeysekera   John Wakeman  
Dave Clark   Brian Rainbow  
Mark Lawrence   Graham Jarvis  
Kev Bull   Chris Mulcahy  
Gareth Green   Gary James  
Paul Tanner   Paul Byrne  
Fred Sinclair   Pete Smith  
Brian Smith   Bill King  
Pat Digby   Keith Miller  
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