Toll A, 4th Floor SE Block, Faraday


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The goldfish from Jim Phillip's toolbox

The Toll A turtles #1

The Toll A turtles #2

The Smash Martian that was transported to Liverpool


Toll A

Toll A Tandem exchange, serving exchanges within 30 miles of London routing out of London. Home to The Loon for 9 years until he moved on to Euston Tower. Then came back to work around Faraday installing computer network cabling.

The Staff

Unearthed from a time capsule buried by children at a south London school, these pictures are from Xmas parties involving Toll A staff and various hangers-on. 

The Loon moved to Toll A to become a TO when Len Hawkins retired under the dead-man's-shoes rule that covered promotion on 8th December 1978 (the letter of instruction is in the Paperwork section from the homepage) to join Eric Proud's happy band of campers. Not a lot happened really. Unless you count spending most of his time on extra curricular activities. See the appraisal in the Paperwork section where both Eric and Paul Adams give there view on how he spent his time.

Memories of Toll A :

Toll B


Getting a room for the tea club in North block (The Sullivans for Syd)

The Bogeymen, whose works I unashamedly stole for the Trout Trophy series.

The cabbage club

The hole in the head gang

The video club

Sealing Jim Phillip's toolbox with wax, then putting two goldfish under the top tray

The Xmas lights, and repairing the contacts on the pulse machine afterwards

The decorated toolbox QOS

Playing cricket for BT

The french trips

The goldfish, then piranhas, then the turtles.

The coming of Mercury

The Bell, The Baynard Castle & CLC (Carter Lane luncheon club)

Borrowing cupboards from North block and carrying them across the link bridge in view of the AEEs

Frank Spicer

The football, 5-a-side and 11-a-side

"You can't arrest me, I'm on overtime !"

"Borrowing" loads of golf stuff from BT for the first golf day out, and actually returning some of it.

City FC.

The various managers - Eric Proud, Paul Adams, Dave Cox, Pete Rowland, Bill Doubleday

The number changes - ETK35, NN/BL235, NN/TSO2/L235, UKC/TNO/L235

The changes in ownership

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- Saturday overtime had to wait until after this.

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