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Season Two - 1980/81 (this page)


Norwood Gypsy

Blue Circle 3rd


Latter Day Saints

Hillyfields Reserves

Ravensbourne (Cup)

16th BBOBA


Latter Day Saints



Season One - 1979/80 (next page)

JVC (Cup)

F & G United

Hillyfields Reserves



Stansfeld (Friendly)


Elm Road


Elm Road


    Season Two - 1980/81


  City v The TAB                                                         27/9/80

   Ref : -                        Result : 7-2                Mottingham


        Young    Curtis    R. Edmonds    Llewellyn/Pomeroy

                Barnett        Pickin        P. Chang-Leng

                Green        Golding        Taylor

    A good start to the season, with a hat trick for Roger, two goals disallowed for offside, and Robin actually clearing off

the line facing the goal ! TAB never really got going, the two goals coming from the long ball punted up the middle.

Martin was unlucky with the second goal, he got his hands to the ball but the pace of the shot took it into the goal.

Terry had several chances for his hat trick, but the TAB goalkeeper made two good saves.

Scorers : Green 3, Golding 2, Pickin, R. Edmonds


   Norwood Gypsy v City                                                 4/10/80

   Ref : M. Callaghan             Result : 3-2                Chinbrook Meadows


        Young    Curtis    R. Edmonds    Thornton

                Barnett        Pickin        P. Chang-Leng

        Green/Joseph        Golding        Taylor

    In the words of Roger (Manager) Green, they were there for the taking. A combination of a below par Gypsy and an excellent

City made for a good game, Roger putting City one up with a shot that swerved just as the goalie went to catch it, then getting

injured scoring the second with a run from his own half. MJ wins the Barnett award for turning up with 20 minutes of the second

half gone.

Scorers : Green 2


  Blue Circle 3rd v City                                                 11/10/80

   Ref : R. Baker                    Result : 6-3                Crown Lane


        Young    Curtis    R. Edmonds    Llewellyn/Barnett

                C. Hill        Pickin        Gardner

                Joseph        Green        Taylor

    Ooh dear ! Without Golding up front, City looked a shadow of themselves as they tried vainly to prevent a strong Circle side

from scoring. Bringing on the late arrival for the second half gave them more bite up front, and one wonders whether the result

could have been reversed if Mark had started the match. (Yes, he did pay his fine !)

Scorers : Barnett 2, Taylor


  City v Londex                                                 18/10/80

   Ref : K. Lane             Result : 1-1                Mottingham


        Joseph/Young    Curtis    Pomeroy    Llewellyn

                Barnett        Pickin        R. Edmonds

          Chang-Leng        Golding        Taylor/Green

    Read the two totally unbiased reports of this game and you see why a draw was the fairest result. Joseph played a

blinder (i.e. as if he was blind).

Scorers : Golding


  Latter Day Saints v City                                                 25/10/80

   Ref : -                            Result : 2-5                Mottingham

                                Flaherty/G. Edmonds

        Young        Hill         Curtis    Llewellyn

                Barnett        Pickin        R. Edmonds

                Green        Golding        Taylor


    A royal goal after a matter of seconds looked like the opening of the floodgates for a double figures win, but as Saints

equalised after 15 minutes, Flaherty fell and damaged his leg, so Chris Hill played in goal while Graham came on into the

midfield spot vacated by Robin. The defence stayed shaky for the rest of the game, with Ian being caught talking to the

corner flag at times. Legs' presence added to the attack, and a mazy run by him culminated in Golding's second goal.

Scorers : Golding 2, Green, Pickin, Taylor


  City v Hillyfields Reserves                                        1/11/80

   Ref : H. Corbin               Result : 0-5               Mottingham


        Young    Barnett    Pomeroy    R. Edmonds    Llewellyn/Gardner

                Thornton        Pickin        Chang-Leng

                Golding       Green 

    Only one down at half time, we never managed to raise our game enough to overcome a team that did not deserve the

5-3-2 formation.


  Ravensbourne v City         Beckenham Hospital Cup    11/10/80

   Ref : -                        Result : 1-1 (3-1 aet)      Ravensbourne Sports Ground


        Young    Pomeroy    R. Edmonds    Llewellyn

                Joseph       Pickin        Thornton

                Barnett        Green        Taylor/Curtis

    A supposedly superior team were made to look ordinary as everyone on the City team played superbly to take the lead

with 10 minutes to go (Barnett does a Balmoral) only to concede an equaliser straight away. The scoreline flattered them,

with a goal in each half of extra time. A totally different performance to that of the previous week.

Scorers : Barnett


  City v 16th BBOBA Reserves                                   15/11/80

   Ref : N. Neal                    Result : 9-3                Mottingham


        Young    Pomeroy    R. Edmonds/G. Edmonds    Thornton

             Chang-Leng        Pickin        Curtis

                Barnett        Golding        Green


    16th look like this years LDS after being soundly beaten. We could have had more, but the best goal was that by Richie,

who picked up the ball outside the half and charged through to shoot past a transfixed goalkeeper.

Scorers : Chang-Leng 2, Green 2, Pickin,  Barnett, Young, G. Edmonds, 1 o.g.


  Drummond v City                                                     22/11/80

   Ref : -                        Result : 1-7                Beckenham Place Park


        Joseph    Pomeroy    R. Edmonds    Llewellyn

                Barnett        Pickin        Thornton

                Green        Golding        Taylor/Curtis


Colin is so boring when he scores. Another good game, especially for the goal difference, but yet again we could have had

more. Martin was very unlucky with the consolation goal, he got his hands to it, but it went in off the post.

Scorers : Green 2, Golding 2, Thornton, Pomeroy, Barnett


  City v Latter Day Saints                                                 29/11/80

   Ref : B. Plover                    Result : 6-0                Mottingham


        Young    Joseph    R. Edmonds    Llewellyn

          Thornton        Pomeroy        Curtis

            Barnett        Pickin        Green

    The Golding-less attack was ably led by Steve, who took his total to 7 for this season. Apparently, we fixed it with the

ref so that we would win, but it was almost as easy as the scoreline suggests. Our first clean sheet for 2 games, the last

time being the 13-0 defeat of......Latter Day Saints.

Scorers : Pickin 4, Thornton, Barnett


  JVC v City                      Christchurch Cup                           13/12/80

   Ref : K. Lane                    Result : 5-4                Crown Lane


        Young    Pomeroy    R. Edmonds    Llewellyn

                Thornton        Pickin        Curtis/Taylor

                Barnett        Golding        Green/Joseph


    They weren't much cop, considering. But for 5 lucky goals, we would have won this.

Scorers : Golding 2, Barnett, Thornton


  F&G United v City           Burwood Cup                                      3/1/81

   Ref : J. Stearman             Result : 5-0                    Cator Park


        Thornton    Pomeroy    R. Edmonds    Llewellyn

                Barnett        Pickin        Green

                Golding        Taylor

    What can you do when a bloke lets you down and doesn't even bother to phone ? Richie was supposed to come along

for this, so we were fighting uphill from the kick-off. By the latter part of the match everyone was tired, so the scoreline

became silly.


  City v Blue Circle 3rd                                                 10/1/81

   Ref : T. Buyers                  Result : 1-1                Mottingham


        Thornton   R. Edmonds    M. Chang-Leng    Llewellyn

                  Barnett        Pickin        Pomeroy

        P. Chang-Leng      Golding        Green

    A late equaliser by Circle gave them an undeserved point. The City shooting was diabolical, the score should have been

into double figures by half time. Yeuk !

Scorers : Pomeroy


  Hillyfields Reserves v City                                              17/1/81

Ref : -                        Result : 3-1                Chinbrook Meadows


        Thornton    R. Edmonds    M. Chang-Leng    Llewellyn

          Barnett        Pickin        Pomeroy

            P. Chang-Leng     Golding       Taylor

    On a mud patch that stifled the player with flair, Fields got the double over City even though Green in a posing performance

as ref gave us a penalty which Pickin just missed..

Scorers : Barnett


  City v Glanville                                                     24/1/81

   Ref : R. Baker                  Result : 9-0                Mottingham


        Joseph    Golding    M. Chang-Leng/Taylor    Llewellyn

                  Thornton        Pickin        Pomeroy

        P. Chang-Leng      Green        Gatter/R. Edmonds

    A nice way to recover from the Fields game, with the team playing well and the welcome return of Alan, if only for a half.

Terry switched to the back as he felt that the service up front was not good enough for his type of play, which allows us to

put out a strong defence. good to see a clean sheet.

Scorers : Green 3, Pomeroy 2, Thornton, Pickin, P. Chang-Leng, 1 o.g.


  Glanville v City                                                     31/1/81

   Ref : J. Neal                  Result : 2-6                Croydon Road Rec


            Joseph   R. Edmonds    Gatter    Llewellyn

                  Thornton     Pickin/Gardner        Pomeroy

            P. Chang-Leng      Green        Taylor

    City started off well, got a couple of goals and then slackened off, allowing Glanville to sneak two goals back either side

of half time, but two more goals put them down finally. Pom's goal was brilliant, he flicked the ball up and headed it over

the goalie, while Robin's goal was a half volley from just inside his own half. Pat scored three lucky goals, Roger didn't mean

to score, and Lightning went down with cramp seconds after coming on as sub.

Scorers : P. Chang-Leng 3, Green, R. Edmonds, Pomeroy


  City v Stansfeld 4th                                                 7/2/81

   Ref : J. Wakeman           Result : 1-3                Mottingham


        Joseph   M. Chang-Leng    Golding    Llewellyn

        Pomeroy        Pickin       R. Edmonds    Gardner

                    P. Chang-Leng     Green

    A good game spoilt only by weird refereeing, including a penalty to City that wasn't, then he disallowed the goal when Robin

headed in the cross after Pom hit the ball at the goalkeeper. The scoreline is similar to the pre season game, so we're still

the same.

Scorers : P. Chang-Leng


  The TAB v City                                                     14/2/81

   Ref : P. Besley                  Result : 5-8                Beckenham Place Park


        Jones    M. Chang-Leng/Gearing    R. Edmonds    Llewellyn

                  Pomeroy        Pickin        Gatter

        P. Chang-Leng      Golding        Green

    Inspired substitutions, with both subbed and subs scoring, but the game once again suffering with the referee being


Scorers : Pomeroy 2, Green 2, M. Chang-Leng, Gatter, Gearing, Thornton


  Elm Road v City                                                28/2/81

   Ref : R. Baker                  Result : 2-3              Beckenham Place Park


            Joseph    Golding    R. Edmonds   Llewellyn

                  Gatter        Pickin        Pomeroy

            P. Chang-Leng    Green    Gardner

    One nil up after 20 minutes and Pom takes a back header in the face, causing the injury as shown in the photo. 6 stitches

and we play with ten men. Even so, we went 3-0 up before tiredness allowed Elm Road to get back into the game.

But we did it !

Scorers : Golding, Green, Pickin


  City v Drummond                                                7/3//81

   Ref : T. Buyers                  Result : 3-0              Mottingham


            Joseph    R. Edmonds    Gatter   Llewellyn

                  Pomeroy    Pickin     Gardner

      P. Chang-Leng    Green/G. Edmonds    Taylor

    A great start with two Balmoral goals and a Pom miskick before half time, when a silly disagreement led to Green going off

and Graham coming on for his first game since November, which explains his less than perfect performance.

Golding was out trout catching again.

Scorers : Taylor 2, Pomeroy


  City v Elm Road                                                21/3/81

   Ref : T. Buyers                  Result : 4-0            Mottingham


            Joseph    Golding    R. Edmonds   Llewellyn

    Thornton/M. Chang-Leng      Pickin        Pomeroy

            P. Chang-Leng    Green    Taylor/Gatter

    A high wind made for fun when the ball was played in the air, but a royal goal set up the win. Pom hit the bar from a free kick,

and Robin went close twice before his lofted clearance from the halfway line bounced over the goalkeeper for 2-0. Two Pickin

goals then sealed the match as a lively Elm Road attack failed to breakdown a well marshalled defence, which has had clean

sheets (and shorts) for to matches !!

Scorers : Pickin 2, Taylor, R. Edmonds



No other reports were kept as Robin was transferred to Hillyfields Reserves.