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City F.C. - Our Managerial Team

Yes, It's the 2 people that without whom the streets would be safe at night, the deadly duo that strike fear into the hearts of every team manager from Ron Greenwood down.

Roger 'Cloughie' Green, part-time coat stand and master of the understatement, has all the makings of a perfect manager. Why isn't he one ? He has applied for 13 posts with league clubs, and has been turned 44 times. Each.

Roger took over as manager of City halfway through the season and turned the team into something like the Arsenal double-winning side of the 70's, but with added ingredient of a passion for mint sauce, something that Arsenal manager Bertie Mee was (mis-)quoted as saying his team needed to become relegated. He is kind to animals, the roof of his car is often used as a toilet by pigeons. (He thought that it had the same effect as go-faster stripes).

Robin 'Oggi' Edmonds, Loon of the parish. The Leagues' only illiterate secretary, Robin has combined stupidity and a typewriter to become the most sought-after sportswriter in England. He has won awards for his flowing, descriptive versions of the matches played by City, and was singled out for praise by H.R.H. Andy Taylor at a recent morgue opening. Driving force behind the formation of the team, Robin spends many nights slaving over a hot wife in order to arrange matches, referees and excuses. Came to the fore when Ashley Thomsett bottled out of being the secretary, and has regretted it ever since. Missing, presumed dead, after the last time he ponced a lift from Roger in that car.

  The effect of these two on a frankly lethargic Trunk Test was electric. The AEE was seen on the floor more often as he marvelled at the cool and efficient way that Roger cried as Robin presented his first expenses chit. Roger introduced the pontoon tickets as a fundraiser, and he now lives in Bermuda.