Littlehampton 2004


A promenade along the, well, promenade for some fresh air and posing.

"Here, it's a syrup !"

Jane points out the join while Claudia does her 'angel of the north' impression.

Young boys + water + parents out of shouting distance = wet feet for Leo. Alan poses, Claudia heads the yellow ball and Linda checks for designer waves.

Leo has the art of putting on shoes explained to him for the nth time, Linda walks off in disgust (and a lovely sheepskin jacket).

"One day Adam, you'll have 'old man and the sea' jokes made about you"

    Joe explains 'water' to Adam, Alan has Leo's shoes while the lad himself is sinking slowly into the sand, Claudia poses (for a change), then Joe waits for the inevitable 'old man and the sea' jokes to be made.

Avril finally tires of explaining shoe-lace-tying to Leo, Charles fails his imp-balancing exam, Jane and Alan regress.

Charlotte shows her parents how to putt. Jackie points out that we are here (we knew that !), and Alan fails to find the public lavatory.


After so much walking, a tea break is requested and granted.


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