Littlehampton 2004

The place

As well as the usual bedroom farce, this time we have the parking roulette, as there are few spaces outside. No pictures remain of Friday night, especially from the gay bar !

Proposals for 'things to do today' are discussed while Dave watches Alan attempting to park the van and Robert does childminding.

Apparently, this is straight for Alan ! Well, it was from where he was standing. Meanwhile, Joe devours the paper as planning moves on apace.

The cat sat on the mat"It's a hearse I tell you !"

And Joe reads more, while Linda looks on in disgust, little knowing what is to come.... Meanwhile, some locals discuss an apparently abandoned hearse.

Put your tongue away, Jackie

Avril leaves in disgust as Leo pours milk down his front, Linda sees Joe give up the paper, only for Andy grab it. She wanted to check her Donnay shares.

    Janette can't believe it and turns to see Charles. Then can't believe that either and gives up. Charles photos Leo, because he can't believe that.

"I don't believe it and neither does Lora !"

The girls discuss not being able to believe it, and word gets round about it.


Alan is sent out to stand in the corner while Joe waits to be let out for a walk.


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