Day 2

Dianne does her best teapot impersonation while Dave & Joe discuss the art of sleeping. Marie holds 3 adults spellbound.

Robin photographs Jackie attempting to hide behind the camera

In the centre of town, Kirsty and Claudia play 'spot the dummy' and Robert is just Robert.

That's the church by the way. Bev laughs as Lindsay hides.

Gottle of geer

Charles speaks as Leo drinks a glass of water. Ventriloquism ? Jackie plans the walk down to the last metre, Adam & Charles swap hair jokes.

Are you putting on weight ?

    Linda straps Claudia into her cold weather gear (D&G?). Finally, we set off on the 4-mile (yeah, right) walk.

You're going over !I've got the map and I know where we're going

Charles trying to throw Marie into the river. "We should have turned right back there" says Sherpa Edmonds.

Carry me across then , Joe

And then under the tree. This is the muddy bit, after the other muddy bit.

Say "Versace !"

And Linda poses.


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