Invasion of France October 2001

It's Saturday morning, let's all go for a walk up to Dover Castle. It's close by.........

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            Up to Dover Castle                 Joe poses                 "We're not paying !"                    Shattered          

  So let's go to the White Cliffs, they're only 10 minutes round the corner  (said the girl in the booth)

Only it wasn't, so we went to the Bleriot memorial

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        "Can you smell something ?"        The memorial                At last, a sit down              Mother/daughter posing

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         No I wasn't there !"                 Joe the pilot                      Bag lady ?                         Return to base

So we had lunch, then went off to catch the train to France 

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       They've heard Leo is around       "Can I drive, dad ?"            "Are we there yet ?"          "Are you in the right car ?"

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      "Can you see the fish ?"           Jane organises us                   Insert caption                 Shop 'til you drop    


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