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       Glassware produced to a very high standard. Superb stained glass windows, displays of different kinds of glass work are all open to view at Villepinte.

Caves – Beautiful stalactites & stalagmites can be viewed at a number of locations. (click on Caves for more information)

Skiing:The ski slopes of the Pyrenees are an hour and 20 minutes drive from the chateau. Aix les Bains and Les Mont Dolmes offer skiing for beginners and intermediate level skiers and are frequented by families especially at the weekends during the season.

Aix Les Bains

Local Rural Landscape

Carcassonne sunset


Places for the family to visit and things to do

Fireworks on the 14th of July


This annual fireworks display takes place on the 13th July in Castelnaudary.

An even more awesome display on the 14th July takes place at Carcassonne.



Mirepoix frequently has street entertainments and market stalls selling everything from large brass musical instruments to honey and geological specimens.



There is a superb space centre near Toulouse (Cite de l'espace) where visitors can go inside a space station and see the Ariane space rocket as well as a film on the planets and space travel.



The Airbus A380 factory (also near Toulouse) also offers guided tours, but book in advance.



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