The Taming Of The Shrew


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Taming Of The Shrew - January 25th & 26th 2006.

When posh student Lucentio arrives at Padua University London with the intention of studying his favourite subject (namely women), he has no idea he is about to fall in love with the beautiful Bianca, daughter of Principal Baptista.  However, before he can even get close to his dream girl, Principal Baptista says that first he must find a partner for Katherina, Bianca's 'undesirable' sister.  With a little help from his personal butler Tranio, Lucentio puts a plan in motion that will rock the halls of Padua University to its very core.


Using the original playtext Stantonbury Campus' Year 12 BTEC students bring Shakespeare's hilarious and satirical comedy 'The Taming of the Shrew' up to date with a 'noughties' twist to appeal to all ages.

Some pictures from the bit before.

                                                                                                                    Matt prays that the chairs are in the right place

                                                                                    The management.

  ................ and this is a hairbrush Chris

                                                                                                            While Lora isn't looking, Matt moves her chair

                                                                                                                                    "Look, Bing Crosby !"

                              The answer to the question "Was your Dad filming while we were playing with the hoop ?"

                      Matt explains the Hokey Cokey                                                              Doesn't Jon look good with bows in his hair ?




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