The Jack Robinson retirement do picture

 Can you name these people. I've done the ones that I can, please feel free to email me with errors and omissions. I know that I know the names, I just don't know them as I type this.


Back row - ?, Al Bracket, Ross Armstrong, Mick Arnell, Dave Beere, Moses Etwaroo, Dave Edwards, Jan, Foxy, Loon, Dave Marlow

Next row - Tom the cleaner, Brian Garnett, Stan Waite, ?, Joe the cleaner, Ted Hughes, Jimmy James, Colin Applegate, ?, Alec Ross, Bob Skopila, Mick Hughes, Ian Curtis, Rom Cumberbatch, Tony Leonard, Keith Weller, Kevin Mott, Frank Ward, Keith Miller, Les Caller, Brian Carter, ?

Next row - Gordon Hughes, Ray Russo, ?, Pete Pausey, George Micklewhite, Terry O'Connell, Brian Robinson, Ron Day, Bill Waterton

Front row - Pete Redmond, Jack Robinson (6637909), Mrs Jack Robinson, Glen Earl.

Thanks to Dave Edwards for some of the missing names.
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