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Bobby Bartram as Mussolini






















Trunk Mech

Trunk Mechanical, serving exchanges outside London routing into the London area. Home to The Loon for 4 years until he became a TOIT and moved around the building (legitimately, that is).

The Staff

Recently found in a GPO envelope in the deep level, this picture was taken by Bobby Bartram in one of his more lucid moments, when not babbling incoherently in Italian. Not sure of the date, but it must be in the region of 1975/6.

Back row from left - Gordon Hughes, The Loon ™,  Dave Beere, Dave Edwards, Glen Earl

Middle row from left - Tom Goodyear, Les Caller, Alec Ross, Bob Anderson, Brian Garnett, Mick Hughes, Jim James, Jack Robinson, Frank Ward, Joe the cleaner

Front row from left - Pete Pausey, George Micklewhite, Moses Etwaroo, Jim Vyner, Ray Russo.


Tom, the other cleaner, is hidden between Bob & Brian. AWOL are Al Bracket & Terry O'Connell. They appear in this photo, taken on special faults with Brian Garnett, The Loon ™,  and the Captain, who was also missing, probably on rota. The equipment is, I think, DC2 or AC8 machines.









Another photo, sent in by young Shaun, aged 13 shows some of the staff smiling after forcible removal of The Loon






Back row, from left : Bob Bland, Brian Rainbow, Frank Haddon, Navin Patel, Mark Edgley

Middle row from left : Shaun Walpole, John ??, Moses Etwaroo, Bob Skopela, Carlton McDonald, Mick Sullivan, Tony Leonard, Gordon Hughes, Joe the cleaner, Brian Carter, Stan Waite, Brian Braithwaite, Derek Page, Dave Gillespie, Perry Wilkes, Keith Sullivan, Alec Ross, Brian Robinson, Jack Robinson

Front row from left : Bob Bartram,  ???, Brian Erwood,  TOA ???,  Pete Pausey


Memories of Trunk Mech :

The book club (Callers welcome)

6637909 - the phone number of the golf club that Jack had all the boys on SFC phoning to get an early tee off time.

Playing cricket behind the racks. Hit the alarm lanterns and you're out !

The tea club - situated on the AC9 bench

Gordon's drawings : for instance my wedding and when no training of youths was taking place (left)

Gordon's presentation toolkit

The bread pudding (made by my mum, eaten by the tea club)

A wet finger in your ear when you bend down to work on A&B shelves (Ray)

Being 'chained' in the toilets

'They've gone in the basement'

Jack teaching me the correct way to adjust relays after I returned from the relay adjustment course !

MUGS racing

"Kents boys away" in bad weather

Moses getting a uniselector to run backwards (they all said that it was impossible)

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