The Toy Fair - Earls Court Olympia




Mr York demonstrates his appreciation of Polly Pocket and women in short skirts.




The Toy Fair

Every year, around February, all the toy manufacturers assemble in Olympia to show off the new toys for the following Christmas. This means that, anyone going to the toy fair would have the opportunity to see all the toys 9 months before they are released. In 1984, due to his involvement with the video releases & the Motor show (a long story documented elsewhere), The Loon was given a ticket to attend. After coming home with 6 bags full of freebies, he was invited to the following one. Never one to miss an opportunity, he asked for an extra ticket, and was sent one. This carried on for some years, with the number of tickets requested growing to almost double figures, until Mrs The Loon put a stop to it in 1989, by which time he had spread toys and happiness to most of Milton Keynes, parts of Essex and West London.

As shown in the photos opposite, young ladies in skimpy skirts were only one of the many delights. Another was the three-course meal (with champagne) that had to be endured. Well, you've got to, haven't you ?



Latest : He's done it again !!

Bouyed by the all the memories from this little lot, The Loon ™  has managed to get an invite to this years event. Aided by his trusty sidekick of old 'Tonto' York, he will be presenting some photographs from ExCel in London, scene of the 2006 British Toy Fair on the site in early February.

Well, we went again. But what do they say about 'you can't go back' ?

It wasn't the same, their wasn't the same buzz. There were lots of scantily clad females, lots of cake and quite a nice meal, but there wasn't the thrill of the chase in trying to relieve companies of toys. Maybe we'll go back next year and try harder, perhaps it was because the two of us don't have young children anymore. Who knows

.          By God, that's a big one !

Tonto checks out the leaflets and chats up the staff              Insert your own caption for this one !

Just a sample of the femalia on show

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