Toll Test, 3rd Floor SE Block, Faraday


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Al Gatter


Toll Test

Every time we got a suspect line into or out of Toll A, we would pass it down to Toll Test, who would wait half an hour and pass it back to us as RWT or FNF (right when tested or fault not found to the uninitiated). Sometimes it became a game of pass-the-buck between the two floors until someone found the fault. Many's the time I would call a circuit through and Pat O'Hara (POH) would bounce it back. To break the monotony, I would sometimes take the fault down by hand and watch them test it, which normally involved inserting a damp finger into the air or flipping a coin (heads it's FNF, tails it's a distant end fault). You will have guessed by now that this is my attempt at humour. Failed again !

The Staff

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Memories of Toll Test :

Tom Killick and his jukebox full of 50's 60's & 70's music that he put on to tape for me (still got them somewhere !)

 City FC.



Not a very good picture, copied from the City FC scrapbook. It's a clipping from the LTR Gazette, the forerunner of BT Today, announcing the win for the City area quiz team. Pictured are Phil Knight from Toll Test (and construction), Pat Chang-Leng (Citadel) and Stuart Coombes (Trunk Test ?)








Alan Gatter, queen of Toll Test





Phil Knight (pissed as a rat), Pat Chang-Leng and Graham Edmonds



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