Star Trek




Surely, they are a most primitive race !



Star Trek

In 1977, The Loon got involved in Star Trek conventions. He was asked to transport a Smash Martian from London to Liverpool. As seen from the picture, it wasn't the kind of thing that was going to go unnoticed. So he sat it in the passenger seat and drove up the M1 & M6. When he stopped for a rest break, he came back to find the car surrounded by burly truckers. Fearing the worst, he was greeted by several impressions of "they smash them all to pieces" and so on. The rest of the journey was carried out in a similar vein.

In 1978, he was approached to help organise a convention in Slough. Using his legendary skills at 'obtaining' things, he spent a lot of time (when he should have been working) phoning various ad agencies to beg, borrow or steal sci-fi stuff, including loads of stuff on the recently released Star Wars film. This came to the attention of the LTR Courier, a paper for BT people in the City area, who sent a reporter and photographer along to record things, as shown below.



He managed to wangle his way into a stormtrooper costume (on the right in the picture), providing an escort for Dave "Darth Vader" Prowse as he entered and left the hall for his talk. Not one to miss an opportunity, he stayed in the costume for a walk around Slough, including a trip into Burtons & McDonalds, and attempting to flag down a bus (picture left). He also provided the posters for the convention book and advertising posters.


Often asked what he saw in sci-fi, one answer is possibly seen in these pictures.

"That's my room, there "

 She was German, called Ushi. And the skirt was very short. I don't remember the name of the girl in the second picture, but the skirt was equally short.







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