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Rugby pictures

Courtesy of Dave Tull, who is now undergoing treatment, these pictures are from sometime and somewhere. Helpful, eh ?

I'm sure that some kind soul will add some names to these pictures. Email or via the forum please men.

"I need a wee wee"

Where's he going on the left ?                                          Too fuzzy to caption, unfortunately

From the left : A tree, Gerry Ryan, Lee Brockwell, Kevin Tapp, John Simpson, George Bell, Bob Skopila, Ian Curtis(?), Steve Wakeman, John Wakeman, Dave Tull, Ray Russo, Keith Miller, Steve Foxon, Tony Leonard, Gerry Hilton, Alan Knight, Jan, Dave Beere, ?, ?, Steve Woods, ?

From the left :

Back row - Don, Gerry Hilton, Micky Philips, Terry Hunt, Dave Marlow, Kevin Mott, ?, Dave Murr, Steve Mersh, Dave Tull, ?MacDonald, Dick Childs, ? , Pete McCraken

Front row - ?, Dave Beere, ?(Colin), Steve Woods, Pete Gardener.

A tramp.


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