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The SELTEC years

In 1972, after some idiot had hired him, The Loon began 3 years of arduous schooling at the South East London Technical College, in New Cross. Apart from the technical lessons, in the third year one lecturer decided to let the team have the use of a cine camera. A foray into stop motion animation and filming ensued. We forgot to take it with us when we left, and I found it when I went back many years later. Transferring to VHS lost more quality from a degraded master, and the following captures (from a transfer to DVD) have been run through a sock full of custard to improve the overall image. Which shows how bad the original was when I found it.

The animated title sequence. As appalling as it looks.     Clive Higgs demonstrates the art of undoing your trousers for the camera (it was a good idea at the time !)

 Graham Cooper (or Gogglu as one teacher thought it) in a trenchcoat and not a lot else, walks across the screen.

Cut to skull in the trenchcoat, lit from within by a green light. Then back to Graham, blindfold, with a piece of clothing removed every couple of frames................

.until he is down to the blindfold and his underpants. He is then attacked by various of the team (Clive Higgs, Alan Whiting and Tom Parsons)

The attack is continued and a 'wanker' sign pinned above him.

Tom Parsons does the false legs bit.     Al Whiting does the old 'lightbulb appears in the mouth' trick. I do the empty box contains............

....a set of legs !!                                             Then Clive attacks me.                              On location, Steve Pickin finds a water pipe.

 We all mince into the gents toilets....................and reappear from the ladies. Cue hilarity from all.


Then we go and mess about on the zebra crossing outside the pub.

The first scene from the stop-motion 'Super Jesus loses his arm' segment


The Barclays Bank, Steve and Jeff Headicar hiding in the bushes opposite the bank with hankies over their faces, they and Tom then enter the bank.............

The getaway car (a Rover 2000 (?) owned & driven by Dave Bassett with me in the back careers out of a side turning nearby.


Unfortunately, the film ran out as the getaway

 car screeched to a halt outside the bank. The

 subsequent chase through the back streets of

 New Cross is lost for ever, especially the firing

 of hairdriers from the chase car, and the crash.

 A new film started with the credits.


Tom Parsons led the criminals. 17021 was the course number that we were on.

While Mr Pickin couldn't stop smiling and had to have a retake to look suitably hard.

Jeff didn't really know what was going on.                                                              Mr Bassett tried to claim mileage for the car chase.

Clive just looks normal. Do I have to explain I124Q ?

Al Whiting did the filming, and filmed the chase from his mighty three wheeler.

Finally, the obligatory dig at Mick (no relation) Whiting about homework.

A strange final sequence with one of the team ( I can't remember his name, I apologise) rooting through a dustbin. What were we smoking ??


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