The People of Faraday


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Chris Brown in full pose mode

Chris Llewellyn (now in Australia) on south east ground

Pat Chang-Leng

Mark Barnett

Colin Thornton by the picture gallery Toll A section 6



People pictures

General pictures of the good people of Faraday, taken whilst on (frequent) journeys away from the work area. I apologise to those of a nervous disposition. I will add to these as the scanner recovers and I find more in the loft. There's never a house fire when you want one, eh ? I'll move these into the relevant areas as I work out where they are .

Dave Edwards by the old TollA SFC Andy Taylor counts the number of faults completed that day

The Loon ™ Up the nose shot of Ashley Thomsett

Unnamed Toll Test person & The Loon ™ Roger Green on Trunk Test with stylish headset

Roger Mentz working (?) on the Toll A TDF Martin Hance poses in front of the legendary Kate Bush poster

Denis Jean-Patrick Chang Leng. Apparently. Billy Foster & Tony Leonard (and Terry Tame's hair)

Mark Barnett on Toll Test Bob Farrell & Terry Tame on Toll A SFC

The King of Cool, Mick Joseph The infamous Alan Gatter perm

The Loon ™ on TollA SFC Right - Charlie White (PCM)

Terry Golding (with pools coupon) Len Rutherford More of the perm

To be continued....................

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