Ex-Faraday people as they are now













The current day

A sad truth is that we all change. Here are some pictures of how we look in our twilight years. I would like to add to this, so dig out something appropriate and let everyone see what you look like now.


              The Loon and current wife at his 50th birthday party                       P Stubbs (3rd from left) and S Brett (right)


              Rom Cumberbatch, posing with a phone (not very realistic)                                     Len Faulkner


             Kev Bull and better half, celebrating Kev clearing his 50th fault                             Nick Gondolo, still at Faraday


                  Mr Norey at Spanish Golf Club                           Ex-Faraday & others at the Newton Arms, Holborn, 20/04/05

 Back L-R  - Ray Young, Ray Cleghorn, Ian Robertson, Derek Fleming, John Petch,         

Jim Andrews, Bob Skinner, Alfie Ormes, Keith Williams, Joss, Tony Collins, Barry Evans  

Front L-R  - Keith Drynan, Roger Holtumm, Bob Bartram, Jimmy Cooper                       

John Smith in the London Marathon 2006                                Chris Llewellyn and dog (not Gos) in Oz

Dave Edwards (Sid V Deadwars) and Old Man Hatcher                         Terry Golding and John Wakeman             

         Barry Edwards and Malcolm Newton                        Barry Edwards, Tony Sodhi, Dick Arnold and Pat Turner

             Nick Noakes and Tony Sodhi                               Louis St Juste and Dave Tull. Not sure which is which

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