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International Staff List

This list is compiled from the posts on the Faraday Memories forum.


Name Whereabouts Name Whereabouts
John Marshall   Ron Whitcomb  
Muff Wright   Chris Page  
Charlie Newby   Geoff Rosum  
Roger Garner   Jake Hanspel  
Rom Cattermole   Nobby Barrett  
Tony Chambers   Mick Perry  
Ernie Spurgeon   Bo' Locke  
Brian Garnett   Fred Beasley  
Bob Outtram   Henry Copus  
Carl Milo   Ali Babber  
John Sullivan   Ian Law  
Bob Bones   Eric Duffell  
Andy Warner   Dave Webster  
Douggie Vaughan   Roger Newmarsh  
Colin Richards   Gary Owen  
Alex Thompson   Pete King  
Barry Hawkins   Dave Baxter  
Brian Stone   Dave Lands  
Wally Phelps   Dave Ralph  
Alex Thompson   Alan Warner  
Mick Perry   Dick Whiting  
Barry McBeath   Stan Bush  
Fred Beasley   Terry Williams  
Chris Page   Ian Law  
Bert Page   Dave Cannon  
Harmish Jutie   John Butler  
Henry Copus   Brian Dutton  
Spud Taylor   Terry Scourfield  
Clive Massey   Frank Quinn  
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