The 1984 French Trip



Dans orange tree (note the lemons)


The French Trip - Boulogne 23/10/84

Cast List :

Indiana                  - Loon                    - Hero and driver

Willy Wontee          - Syd Lawrence        - Navigator, photographer and food eater

Short Round           - Jim Phillips             - Indiana's sidekick and beer juggler

Short Thin              - Joe Pinney            - Lifeboat redecorator

Big Daddy               - John Pinney          - Father of Joe, card sharp and alcoholic

Magnus Magnusson  - Dan Tanner           - Font of all knowledge and airline pilot

The Wiz                 - Gareth Green         - Clive Jenkins impersonator

Android                  - Andy Pearce          - Minority group representative (Toll Test)

Clive Of India          - Gary James            - Wit, raconteur and artist (mainly the latter)

Punka                    - Andy                    - Assistant to Clive and guest

Wobby                   - Peter Roberts         - Apprentice schoolgirl chaser and artist

Little Sir Echo         - Darren Nicholls        - Tour nause and Ian McGill stand-in

Leggy                    - Dave                    - Walking road accident and van mechanic

Loon, Syd, Jim, Dan, Joe, Pete, Darren, Gareth, Dave, Gary, John, Andy, Andy.Short Round is sexually assaulted by Large Rotund


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