Faraday Internal Football Association


The Phone Engineers Worthless Cup 1979

ETK Maintenance 1730 vs Faraday Construchoën Slackbach





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The PEW Cup Final Tie

Sunday 13th May 1979




The Teams

                              ETK M 1730                                        F Construchöen S. B.                    

                                         Dave Edvartz                                       Steve Barnyard

                                         Jon Vakkerman                                   Ted Who's

                                         Kev Mottë                                             Guv Horseman

                                         Klaus Weiss                                         Phil Nobhurts

                                         Robin Edmuntz                                     Den Wintner

                                         Peter Norey                                          Alf Darnit

                                         Willhelm Forster                                   Paul Puddle

                                         Stiv Foxöen                                           Ian Ratin

                                         Jon Simpsöen                                      Dave Howlow

                                         Dave Pilsner                                         Des Bull (some cows in french)

                                         Georgie Glocken                                  Jolly Jack Tarr

                                         Lee Von Brockenheim                         Major Rhodes (Ahead)

Colours :

                                         Black shorts                                              Not Black shorts 

                                         White shirts                                               Not White shirts

                                         Black Stockings                                         Pop socks

Referee :

                                           T. B. DeSided (France)


Team Profile :

Edwartz : A seasoned veteran, one of the magnificent seven remaining from the team that won 4-2 in the superb final of 4 years ago. The man about whom Brian Clough said "who ?". Known to keep a spare ball under his shirt.

Vakkerman : Tactician, schemer, team coach, manager, boot boy, midfield general, and doesn't play if it's muddy. A new boy to last times team. Will prove his worth at full time by buying the first round.

Mottë : An all-round sportsman, but he's on a diet to cure that.

Weiss : Grandad of the team, who says that he saw Stanley Matthews play for Blackpool whilst a boy. Although F.A. records say that Sir Stan was grown up when he played for Blackpool.

Edmuntz : La Loon. Transferred from Starfleet Command early in the season.

Norey : Sometimes called Peter.

Forster : Our Willy. This man, although getting on in years, continues to surprise most of his team. An inspiration to us all as long as he stays off the gin & tonic (ice & slice).

Foxöen - Nice chap with a lovely little bum. On hand throughout the match as resident First Aider, Brain Surgeon & Blood Donor, an event at which he received his first brooch early this season.

Simpsöen : Slim, fit, and immaculately turned out (why has he been picked) a new man to the team. Yet to justify his transfer fee of 20 No. 6.

Beere : A lot may be said about ol' wingnut but shant.

Bell : Main force of the front line who gains extra height by lacquering his quiff. Beware the oversize boots, which also serve to flatten the pitch.



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