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Construction Staff List

This list is compiled from the posts on the Faraday Memories forum.


Name Whereabouts Name Whereabouts
Ian McGill   Phil Roberts  
Ron Day   John Horseman  
Ted Hughes   Ron Josland  
Dave Marlow   Jack Wright  
Ken Roads   Peter Craig  
Clive Jennings   Bob Humphries  
Barry Denny   Des Bull  
Len Gale   Chris Bendall  
John Osborne   Brian Metcalfe  
Arthur Bennett   George Pomfret  
George Woods   Ainsley Barnett  
Tony Pescod   Barry Pugh  
Dave Mould   Dave Thurlow  
Melvin from Essex (?)   Brian Tarr  
Keith Preston aka Frankie Abbot   Bob Pritchard  
Les from MK   Tony Tutin  
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