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Citadel Staff List

This list is compiled from the posts on the Faraday Memories forum.


Name Whereabouts Name Whereabouts
Ian Curtis   Mick Joseph  
Manny Balzan   Dave Perman  
Pat Chang-Leng   Lee Brockwell  
Pete Hart   Malcolm Couldrey  
Bob Hatcher   George Bell  
Dan Carney   Ken Beynon  
John Rowlands   Malcolm Goldsmith  
Ada Comber   Dave Marlow  
Dave Purton   Johnny Johnson  
Bill Higgs   Dennis Coles  
Ian Hadley   Pete Barnes  
Brian Erwood   Dick Fillery  
Keith Wright   Dick Best  
Mel Bentley   Tim Baker  
Albert Maule   Al Cable  
Mick Slater   Brian Baker  
Pete Tyler   John Butler  
Pete Milo   Steve Barnett  
Colin Giles   Martin Broadbank  
Ron Payne   Willie Wollheart  
Frank Barnard   Malket Singh  
Cyril Pope   Johnny Edwards  
Steve Brett   Roger Woodward  
Tom Tago   Roger Reeder  
Colin Strong   John Chapman  
John Hannant   George Butler  
Roy Sawyer   Dave Davies  
Ron Rhumbold   George Lincoln  
Jacques Duff   Ron Campbell  
Bill Ingram   Jack Smith  
Bill Smith   Dave Austin  
Mick O'Flanagan   Frank Flannery  
John Granger   John Sharman  
Dusty Miller   Barry Allen  
Dave Barber   Dave Craven  
Brian Annereau   Michael Hughes  
Steve Roberts   Cliff Oakley  
Alf Lewis   Dave Taylor  
Danny Fahey   Guy Allen  
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