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From the finest school in Milton Keynes (if not the UK),

Out now - The strange case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (2008) - The physical theatre piece from the latest crop of BTEC group.

Much Ado About Nothing (2008) - Stantonbury Performing Arts in the show produced for the Shakespeare schools festival 2008.

SOS (BTEC Showcase 2008) - The class of 2006-2008 with their final offering.

Dawn 'til Dusk (BTEC Showcase 2007) - The class of 2005-2007 with a selection of their performances in their final hurrah at Stantonbury.

The Art Refuge concert 2007 - More songs, more posh frocks, more cross dressing.  Available now.

The Taming Of The Shrew - From 2006, the BTEC 2005-2007 class with their adaptation of the William Shakespeare classic, updated with a funky soundtrack but the original text.

Metamorphosis - Yet more BTEC2005-2007, this show from November 2006 had the audience restricted due to space, so not a lot of people witnessed it first hand. This DVD contains the pre-show run through of a story by Franz Kafka.

 Life Construction (BTEC Showcase 2006) - Out now, the class of 2004-2006 with a selection of their best performances in their goodbye to Stantonbury performance.

Out now - The Gadfly, the latest Ludamus extravaganza.

Available now : DVD's of earlier Ludamus productions !


      You've (hopefully) got your copy of Zombies : The Musical. Now brighten up your shelves with the set of DVD's of other productions from the Ludamus Theatre Company.

Thrupenny Standup - From 2007, a new take on Jack the ripper.

The Hills Of Papanuwenwe - From 2002, a tale of Mexicans, singing cacti, sombreros and love.

The Block And The Wire - From 2003, censorship and government control.

Pirates - From 2004, the story of men and women in a boat.

Plus - From Paperfish, An Evening With Dave The Golem And Friends

Each DVD costs 2.50.

OR :

If you haven't already bought Zombies : The Musical (and don't mind not having the exclusive soundtrack CD) then you could invest 9.00 in the 4 disc DVD box.

And if you're really sad, choose from one (or all) of the Ludamus screensavers below.

Block         Pirates       Zombies       Best of Ludamus

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The Block And The Wire                       The Hills Of Papanuwenwe


An Evening With Dave The Golem And Friends                        Zombies : The Musical


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