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50 !

50 years, count 'em !





Me in that flaming forign legion hat !
Nanny, Robin & Granddad
A hoe down ?
Len & Robin
Kath, Mum, Pam & Robin
A bush cannot hide that haircut !
Robin on autopose
Robin whacking worms
It wasn't me !
At least 2 of these are to blame.
You cannot know the power of the Dark Side
Robin at work



'Robin Edmonds is 50'

Born in 1955 in Battersea, London to Ron & Lucy, the early years were spent at Mount Pleasant Road and Courthill Road with the growing family, plus Nanny & Granddad Day and Aunty Joyce.

I'm the one on the far right (not in the dress !)

Film star poseRobin attended Hither Green Primary School, becoming a star pupil and receiving a prize from the Lady Mayoress of Lewisham for his painting of a balloon seller, which was displayed as part of a school art competition in the Co-op, Lewisham. His achievements at the time include owning the fastest tortoise in Lewisham (as measured in competition at the Cheesemans department store) and passing the 11plus, enabling him to move on to Brockley County Grammar School.

?, Jen, Robin, Graham, Martin, Kath.


A move to Leahurst Road coincided with the start of grammar school. The time at school was not as successful as the time at home. But the holidays were always good. This photo from the Blue Anchor caravan site at Seasalter, Whitstable, 1967. No idea who the kid far left is.


Bob Whybrow, Robin, Jen.There followed 5 years of terror and boredom at Brockley, broken only by moving from Leahurst to Handen Road, then Brownhill Road, and the formation of the Leegate Legirons football team and social group from co-workers at the world famous Keymarkets supermarket in Lee Green. Few sensible photographs remain from that time, except this one from a boys vs  girls match at Sutcliffe Park, the nightly haunt for the Legirons, who would spend all evening from the end of shelf filling duties until after dark playing football. Or attempting to.

A marriage to Jane Harley occurred, much to everyone's amazement. Especially Jane, who thought that it was a birthday party. This ended after a few years, leaving 4 cats to be divided between the two households.

The Milton Keynes years

Why he married herA romance with Jackie sort of happened against her wishes. That'll teach her to dare a BT engineer to find out her phone number. A trip to see 'Superman-the movie' ended with the decision to visit Milton Keynes as we weren't busy on the Sunday. The combination of the surroundings and a stroppy estate agent provided the spur to buy a house in MK and Spot the ball competitionmove up from London. Marriage followed, Robin not having learned from the first time, Jackie knowing no better and the cats needing proper parents. A magnificent day spoiled only by Robin's tinted lenses on his glasses.


Groucho, Harpo & Chico


Little did they know when they tied the knot that 3 lovely children would spew forth in the space of 9 years, though some after a bit of a struggle (no names, Lora !).



But with (or more probably without) his help, his family have turned out OK.

Oh God ! He's MY dad.But he does buy me nice clothesI get my looks from him

And, hopefully, they'll be around to celebrate the next 50 years.