The Edmonds birthday party page

16 !

16 years old, she'd better not grow any taller !

Who on earth is the blonde ?





My brain hurts !
Another flaming foreign legion hat !!
Relaxing in the sun
Growing up so pretty, and then....
Lora becomes a teenager
Lora posing
That's not how we did it !
These two are to blame.
The spazz dance



'Lora Edmonds is 16'

Born in 1989 in Milton Keynes general hospital after a struggle, a lovely daughter to Robin & Jackie, her early years were spent at Stokenchurch Place, Bradwell Common with her elder sister Keri, who was spurned when the cute bundle of joy arrived. Few pictures of Lora as a baby survive as she burnt them all. Except these two, and the one at the bottom of the page.

After a few years causing havoc at the local Mum & toddler group (appearing in the local paper !) Lora spent 5 years unlearning all that Robin had taught her at Summerfield School, eerily the venue for the party. Once they had de-programmed her, they sent her on her way to Stantonbury, where she currently puts in the occasional visit when something good is on. Like drama. Or Ludamus. Or pies.



Lora has also turned her hand to modelling, but only by having lots of photos taken by a professional after a makeover. Judge for yourselves the results, which were secretly taken by Robin to save the 60 per photo that the company wanted to charge. Not doing that one again !!


And now she prefers to look like this.......

Cool, cool, cool, cool.

Flaming kids, you can't tell them anything, it wasn't like that in my day, I respected my Mum and Dad, I never came home late of stayed out 'till all hours, that was Jen....


Who you looking at, pal ?

Lora is not on a box, Marie is standing in a hole. Keri really is that height  !