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         The culprit

  50 !

Don't look any further if you have a weak stomach !





A toast to hat makers
Mr Edmonds
All my own teeth (yeah, right !)
Mrs Edmonds
image removed due to complaints !
Miss Day



'The Edmonds Family on camera'

Founded in the late forties, a dynasty that is a legend in its own lunchtime.

Nice shorts !

available for parties and charity eventsStart at the top. Len, ex-male model and chicken fancier, spent his formative years sprawled on the back lawn under the influence of Tom Jones and drink. Prior to marrying Jill, he considered a career as a gigolo, but joined the Civil Service instead. Their loss is the insurance communitys gain, as he rose meteorically to own his own conservatory.

Jill & Kris


Jill, wife of Len, mother of Kris & Scott. No way am I dissing her.




Ooooh, Matron !

IMy brain hurtsgnoring the ones who won't be attending, Kath followed Robin, (normally with a bucket & shovel). She is married to Frank, who claims to have been elsewhere at the time.

Bill, Gracie, what is my real name ?


Then comes Graham, who would like to live abroad. If we all club together.........




 Pose #43



But we can't end without a picture of the missing ginger, role model for Lora who cannot be with us as she is living abroad, without Graham (for the moment).